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Development Branch -1 (Establishment)

The Development Branch (Establishment) of the Divisional Commissioner Office deals with Establishment matters of Class-I. Class-II, Class-III of Zilla Parishads in Nashik Division. The matters dealt by the Development Branch mostly consist of -

1) Pension, Service Matters of Class-III & IV Employees of Zilla Parishads in the Nashik Division.

2) Appeal matters of Class-III & IV employees of Zilla Parishads in Nashik Division.

3) Distribution of various grants received from the State Govt. to the Zilla Parishads in Nashik Division.

4) Administrative matters of Village Panchayats, disqualifications of members of Village Panchayats, Panchayat Samiti, Zilla Parishads, divisions of Village Panchayats, Dissolution of village Panchayats.

5) Departmental Enquiries of officers of Zilla Parishads.

6) Departmental Enquiries of Class-II Officers, Class-III & IV employees of Zilla Parishads.

7) Supervisions, inspections of working of Zilla Parishads & Panchayat Samits in the Nashik Division.

8) Conducting Departmental Examinations of Zilla Parishad Employees as per instructions of State Government.

9) Establishment matters of Chief Executive Officers and Class-I, Class-II Officers of Zilla Parishads in the Divn.

10) Guidance, control of various matters relating to Zilla Parishads in the Division, Redressal of complaints of Zilla Parishad Employees, Lok Ayukt, Up-Lok Ayukt matters. Judicial matters pertaining to Zilla Parishads.

11) Coordination of trainings of Panchayat Raj Personnel, Non officials of Zillla Parishad and Village Panchayat.

12) Execution of orders of State Government, Acting as Liason between Zilla Parishads in the Division and State Government.

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