Cleanliness Campaign  

The sacred land of Nashik is famous both for pilgrimage as well as its natural beauty. Perennial River Godavari adds to this beauty. Due to the many tourist locations in the city the number of tourists visiting the city and the District has also been rising constantly. While the city is expanding due to urbanization, this process along with its integral part of solid waste management issue is also seen expanding. Due to the unlimited use of indestructible materials like plastics and glass this issue is becoming more predominant. With the Mega event of Kumbhamela being organized on this backdrop and with a view to create environmental awareness among the local citizens as well as clearing the pollution of River Godavari where the saints, sages and devotees from across continents arrive for a sacred bath, the concept of HARITKUMBHA came to the fore. This year the District administration has started efforts so that Simhastha Kumbhamela will carry an identity as HARITKUMBHA. Godavari is considered not only as a River but an epic culture. Godavari Cleanliness Campaign for clean and beautiful Godavari River surroundings is being implemented so that the glory of Nashik as a clean city reaches far and beyond through the medium of devotees. The Godavari Cleanliness Campaign organized by the District administration on the occasion of Global Environment Day received a spontaneous response from the citizens and the Godavari precinct changed beautifully. Around 20,000 young and old citizens participated in this campaign at Nashik and Trimbakeshwar and around 375 tons of waste was cleared. The campaign started at 7 a.m. in the area of Godavari, Nasardi and Vaghadi rivers. Government officers, staff, representatives of various organizations carried out the cleaning work with participation from citizens. The public responded to the administration appeal and participated with full enthusiasm. Divisional Commissioner Mr. Eknath Dawle, District Collector Mr. Deependra Singh Kushwaha and Commissioner Dr. Pravin Gedam participated in the campaign with their families. Police Commissioner Mr. S. Jagannathan and Chief Executive Officer Mr. Sukhdeo Bankar spent three hours in the cleanliness campaign. There was a spontaneous response at the campaign from elected representatives and they motivated volunteers. Mr Hemant Godse, MP, Ms Seema Hire, MLA, Mr Ashok Murtadak, Mayor and Mr Gurumeetsingh Bagga offered shramdaan at this campaign. Mr. Bhaiyyuji Maharaj and Mr. Gyandas Maharaj graced the occasion and motivated the volunteers. With artists such as Chinmay Udgirkar and Dhanashree Kshirsagar participating apart from senior officers and elected representatives the officers, staff and citizens were encouraged further.

A special feature of the campaign was participation of 112 teams from Zilla Parishad, Municipal Corporation, various Government departments and NGOs. The Chief Officers of all Government departments and staff spontaneously carried out cleanliness campaign between 7 a.m. and 11 a.m. Many of the participating cleanliness messengers had carried their own implements for the cleanliness drive. The Municipal Corporation had arranged for independent Ghantagad vehicles for lifting the wastes. More than 60 Institutions, Groups and NGOs were allotted cleaning spaces within 10 kilometer area. All senior officers were encouraging the citizens. Mr. Dawle and Mr. Kushwaha spontaneously entered the river bed and participated in the drive.
Equipment supplement in terms of 20 JCBs, 8 Dumpers, 1 Robot, 1 Poclaine and 6 tractors were used during the campaign. Major portion of the waste cleared contained plastics and old clothing. Event Officer Mr. Raghunath Gawde, Assistant District Collector Mr. Mahesh Patil, Uday Kisve, Dy. Municipal Commissioner Mr. Rohidas Jorkulkar and others planned the cleanliness event.
The District administration and Municipal Corporation has thanked the Government officers, staff, various organizations and citizens for their participation. Mr. Dawle said that the response of the citizens was more than expected and spontaneous and he was confident that through such campaigns it would be possible to clear the pollution of Godavari River. Mr. Kushwaha expressed that the work carried out by the people of Nashik as a community service will be an ideal before others and also for other parts of the country. If only 1 % of the people coming together can carry out such a momentous work, we can expect that more citizens will participate in the ensuing campaigns and clear Godavari River of all pollution. At Trimbakeshwar also Government Officers, staff, Municipal Officers and staff, staff and students of Sandeep Foundation, Brahma valley and others participated in cleanliness campaign. The entire city area was cleaned during the campaign. In the second stage of this campaign on the 1st July 2015, with the participation of around 50,000 officers, staff and citizens as well as various institutions, a campaign to plant 5 Lakhs trees has been taken up. The administration has planned accordingly. On the same day the plastic waste from the city will be lifted. Many institutions are coming forward to participate in this event. Cleanliness is also important from the point of view of Tourism. The District has many tourist destinations and the devotees visiting Kumbhamela will definitely visit these places. If he can see the cleanliness all around travel, he will work as our tourism ambassador and place the beauty of Nashik to others. This will accelerate tourism. ‘Green Tourism’ concept is now globally accepted. A thought is being circulated that the tourists should only visit eco-friendly places. The administration is making efforts on this point on account of Kumbhamela. The administration efforts are concentrated to see that cleanliness should be a campaign and a habit. In order that Nashik becomes a SMART city the administration is implementing HARITKUMBHA through public participation. If this Mega Event of faith and devotion turns out to be an event of cleanliness the world can see a new and stunning face of Nashik. As a chief of the District administration all the efforts of my colleagues along with me are directed to this objective.

Tree Plantation On the occasion of Simhastha Kumbhamela, plantation and cleanliness campaign was organized by the administration at various places in the District. The campaign received spontaneous response from the NGOs, social and educational institutions and most importantly from the citizens. Under the campaign 6,28,601 saplings were planted and around 4,19,000 seeds were sown. The administration has placed an impeccable emphasis on celebrating Simhastha Kumbhamela as HARITKUMBHA. Initiatives such as prohibition on plastic carry bags and Godavari Cleanliness Campaign were organized successfully at Nashik and Trimbakeshwar. Godavari Cleanliness Campaign organized on the occasion of World environment Day 2015 received spontaneous response from the citizens and within a day the collection of waste was 375 Metric tons. In order to maintain the same enthusiasm and to specifically bring out the ‘GREEN’ face of Nashik in front of the devotees and tourists the administration planned and organized the next stage of the cleanliness campaign as plantation and cleanliness. The responsibility of planning the campaign was delegated to an officer of the level of Additional District Collector. He was assisted by Deputy Collector level officer and representatives of NGOs. A team was cast for planning with eminently experienced residents. The team surveyed Nashik city and decided upon the location for tree plantation. Discussions with Zilla Parishad officers resulted in information about open spaces at schools, Primary Health Centers, Sub Centers, Grampanchayat and other areas. Based on this the number of saplings needed was decided. The required saplings were arranged based on availability with Forest Department, Social Forestry Department, Municipal Corporation and private nurseries. A meeting of representatives from social, industrial, NGOs and educational institutions was convened in the presence of District Collector, Commissioner Nashik Municipal Corporation and Chief Executive Officer. Apart from an appeal for tree plantation the information was collected on institutions from where saplings could be made available. The institutions willing were advised to decide the locations and carry out pits. Till the day of the campaign the District Collector and Additional District Collector were telephonically in touch with various organizations to motivate them for the campaign. An appeal was also made for another part of the campaign to remove plastic waste from the area where plantation was to be carried out. A day ahead of the campaign, Hon Guardian Minister, Nashik Mr Girish Mahajan convened an independent meeting of all the elected and NGO representatives from the District and appealed to them for total participation in the campaign. Mr. Deependra Singh Kushwaha, District Collector appealed for planting of one tree by those maintaining a two wheeler and two trees by those maintaining a four wheeler. Successful Campaign
The campaign was inaugurated at the auspicious hands of Hon Guardian Minister, Nashik Mr Girish Mahajan at Golf Club. Water Expert Dr. Rajendra Singh, MLA Devayani Farande, Seema Hire, Divisional Commissioner Mr. Eknath Dawle, District Collector Mr. Deependra Singh Kushwaha, Municipal Commissioner Dr. Pravin Gedam, Police Commissioner Mr. S. Jagannathan graced the occasion with their presence. Dr. Rajendra Singh initiated Vishwa Jalshanti Movement from Nashik itself. He said that Nashik will be the venue of a huge celebration such as Kumbhamela and the administration is making efforts to control River pollution at Nashik. It is with this reason that he was initiating his Vishwa Jalshanti Movement from Nashik. He further said that the Jalyukta Shivar Yojana undertaken by the State Government will surely help efforts for balancing environment and bring GREENLAND dream to reality. He admired and commended these efforts. After the inauguration, tree plantation was carried out at the hands of Hon Guardian Minister, Nashik Mr Girish Mahajan at KTHM College, Reference Hospital, Adgaon Naka, Sayyad Pimpri and other locations. Guardian Minister himself participated in the cleanliness work. Spontaneous participation of students and citizens was observed at every location. Tree plantation in rural areas was also carried out extensively. Within the Nashik-Trimbakeshwar belt District Collector Mr. Deependra Singh Kushwaha himself participated in the program for the whole day with Dr. Rajendra Singh in order to encourage the volunteers.
With a view that the beauty of Sahyadri ranges is exemplified with by tree plantation, a joint collaboration effort by private industries, NGOs and Government to plant 1.5 lakhs saplings on the Khandala Hills was taken up on the same day. Samsonite Asia, Tainwala Federation and Forest Department have resolved to undertake a 7 year program for tree plantation. A safety net is being placed for an area of 125 acres and trees from allied species will be planted here at an expenditure of Rs. 1.5 Crores. During the first year 55,000 trees will be planted. The picturesque view of the green hills with students planting trees clearly vouch for the green lands of the future. The photograph was published in many newspapers. Excellence of planning led to a successful Tree Plantation Campaign Tree plantation was undertaken at 1,927 locations in the District and at 1,466 locations plastic and other waste was collected under cleanliness campaign. The areas included barren lands, forest lands, hills, schools, hospitals, Government offices, tracks along the roads, river banks, industrial complexes and others. A total of 92,578 citizens, officers, staff, volunteers and students participated with full spirit in the campaign. Zilla Parishad contribution was notable in collection and disposal of 3,000 Kilo plastic waste. 4,29,000 trees were planted by Zilla Parishad. Apart from an excellent planning Chief Executive Officer Mr. Sukhdev banker and Deputy Chief Officer Pratibha Sangamnere also encouraged officers, staff and students. Apart from Municipal Corporation the other government departments also planned participated in the campaign at individual level.
The Municipal Corporation beautified the Godavari River banks with a number of 10 to 15 feet Coconut trees carried here from Kerala and enhanced the same. The participation of various organizations and schools-colleges was important for success of the campaign. The presence of Hon Guardian Minister, Nashik Mr Girish Mahajan and Water Expert dr. Rajendra Singh proved encouraging for volunteers and through community efforts the campaign attained a huge success.


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